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The Advanced Traders Mindset Course

Think Successfully & Trade Profitably

Advanced Traders
  • Build a Mindset To Take On Any Obstacle
  • Develop Real Confidence, Make Money Trading
  • Cultivate Success in Your Trading & Life

  I've learned more about being successful in trading, business & life from this course in the last few weeks than I have in my past 28 years. There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  

Justin, Canada
  • Wondering why you keep making the same mistakes over and over again?
  • Constantly getting out of your winners too early?
  • Doubt you can make money trading?

Hi, I'm Chris Capre. I've spent the last two decades studying one thing — using Neuroscience and meditation to create a peak performance brain and mindset.

During this time, I've been a broker on Wall Street, traded for a hedge fund, and been meditating every day.

In this Advanced Traders Mindset Course, I'm using my last two decades of experience and training for one goal — to help you build a winning mindset & make money trading.

What You'll Learn in the ATM Course

The Advanced Traders Mindset Course is a 32 Lesson Video + Audio Based Training, which gives you the tools, strategies and training to build a successful trading mindset.

Lesson 1: Neuroplasticity & Understanding Your Trading Brain

Learn How Your Brain Adapts, Changes & Wires New Skills

The Story of Success You Were Told Was Wrong

  • Success is Not A Lottery
  • Success is in the Brain (find out how)
  • How Neuroplasticity Affects My Performance

Using This Training to Improve Our Brains For...

  • Increasing Clarity
  • Building Mental Sharpness for Better Trading
  • Beating & Transforming Negativity
  • Achieving Your Trading Goals

Inside Is the Key

  • How Our Brains Work
  • Why & How To Use A Trading Feedback Loop
  • Increasing Your Focus, Intention & Clarity
  • How to Re-Wire Your Brain For Success
  • Overcoming the fears & doubts you have

How to Really Leverage Repetition

  • Avoid Being A Parrot Which Repeats w/o Thinking
  • Why Self-Talk has Failed You Before
  • Understanding Mirror Neurons
  • The Repetition List You Need to Know

The Core Rules of Neuroplasticity

  • What Are the Main Rules?
  • What is SDN & Why You Need to Learn It?
  • The First Tool & Keys to Enhancing Neuroplasticity

Lesson 2: The Whole Brain State

What is it & Why You Need It

The Left & Right Brain Myth

  • Why this myth led you astray about the brain
  • What is a more ideal state for success in trading
  • How Einstein's brain was different
  • Why our common state fails to produce success

Stress Kills This State

  • Your body's most common reaction to stress
  • How this decreases higher cognitive performance
  • How trading success is extremely difficult in this state
  • Why you are in this state more often than you think

Neuroscience + Ancient Traditions

  • Why knowing something intellectually doesn't produce results
  • Neuroscience + Ancient Traditions coming together
  • How to get into the whole-brain state
  • How the whole brain state relates to the 'zone'

Lesson 3: Getting To Know Your Brain

Why Learning About The Brain Increases Cognitive Performance

Awareness Of the Brain & Cognitive Performance

  • How the experiment of the maids relates to your cognitive performance
  • Learning to Visualize & Correlate Trading towards Brain Functions

The Basics of A Trading Thought In Your Brain

  • Nerve Cells, Thoughts Per Day, & The Basic Thought Process
  • Brain Cells & How They Communicate Trading Thoughts
  • Thoughts being Physical, Chemical & Electrical

Neural Networks

  • The basics of Neural Networks & Trading
  • How learning occurs in Neural Networks
  • How to Strengthen Neural Networks
  • Why It's Hard to Change
  • How to Wire Neural Networks for Trading

The Most Important Law for Acquiring Skills In the Brain

  • The 4 elements to wire skills into our brain
  • Why you haven't fully wired in successful trading skills yet
  • What was my secret to wiring trading skills in my brain

Lesson 4: The Three Parts of Your Mind for Trading

Why You Have to Know These For Successful Trading

What are the 3 Parts of Your Mind?

  • Which one we use the most
  • Which two we use the least
  • Why what you think about the brain is wrong
  • How these 3 parts tell you everything about your performance
  • Why you have analysis paralysis

Which Parts Self-Talk Affects

  • Understand how Self-Talk fails you
  • How to use Self-Talk for Trading Success
  • Moving from Negative to Constructive Thinking
  • Where your performance really comes from

Building Your Trading Skills

  • How to make trading skills automatic
  • Getting past analysis paralysis
  • How to pull the trigger when you need to
  • Who will win the trading fight & why
  • Where the 'Zone' comes from & How to get there

The Inner Conflicts You Have

  • How they affect your trading performance
  • Where your cognitive dissonance comes from
  • Why you will perform like this 95% of the time

Labeling While Trading

  • What part of the mind Labeling affects
  • How you can make labels work for you in trading
  • How much of your successful trading hinges upon this

Your Comfort Zone in Trading

  • Why you always make the same mistakes
  • What really is the comfort zone
  • What does your comfort zone mean about you
  • How to expand your comfort zone for success

Lesson 5: Mental +R For Trading

How to Execute What You Want & Need to While Trading

How Vacation led this Man to A Russian Prison

  • What 9 Years in a Russian Prison Did to this Man
  • What mental activity he did for 9 years
  • How this man build neural networks for success in Prison
  • From a Russian Prison to Beating A World Champion

A Superbowl Champion& Golfing Legend

  • How Using Mental R created 86% accuracy
  • Practicing Mental R from the 6th Grade
  • Using Mental R to become a 2x MVP
  • How Every Shot He Used Mental R

When Does the Root Of Your Performance Start?

  • Best times of the day to use Mental R
  • Making Success More Real than Failure
  • How to wire a trading skill in 21 days

Emotions in Trading

  • How to have emotions actually help our trading
  • What you have to avoid emotionally when trading

Good vs. Bad Performances In Your Mind

  • What to see in your trading day & what not to
  • Mental R & The 3 Phases of Trading

Lesson 6: The 3 Phases of Trading You Must Know

Why you need to understand these to properly train

What are the 3 Phases of Trading?

  • How your C, SC & UC Play Into These 3 Phases
  • How to apply a Mind Program to Each Phases
  • What to do specifically during each phase of trading
  • How to use cues during these phases
  • How the 3 Phases Relate to the 3 Parts of Your Mind
  • What is the Most Important Phase?
  • Building Constructive Habits for All 3 Phases

Correcting Trading Errors

  • Why you haven't been able to correct your trading errors
  • Which phase & part of your mind for correcting trading errors
  • Increasing Your Edge for Success
  • Decreasing the likelihood of failing
  • Why your trading journal is inadequate
  • What you are missing in your trading journal

Lesson 7: The Self-Image, Performance & Your Comfort Zone

Why you continue to make the same mistakes

Why You May Not Want to Win the Lottery

  • Learn about the Preacher who won the lotto
  • This man was over $1 Billion in Debt, Now Worth Billions

The Self-Image

  • What is the Self-Image?
  • How does the Self-Image affect my trading performance?
  • Where do my habits, attitudes & Self-Beliefs reside?
  • How the Self-Image relates to the 3 parts of my mind
  • Using Neuroplasticity for the Self-Image

The Comfort Zone

  • How the Self-Image affects Your Comfort Zone
  • The Self-Image you think you have is likely not accurate
  • What Kind of Comfort Zone an Elite Performer Has
  • How to build a Comfort Zone for Elite Performance

Performance in Trading

  • Why most fail at trading
  • How to avoid being the 90% who fail
  • What you need to change to be in the top 10%
  • What you should never do if you want to be successful
  • The 3 phases of performance, growth & life

Lesson 8: The DA Method for Re-Writing Your Self-Image

A Misunderstood Method Which Made You A Parrot

The DA Method

  • How you used this before and were just being a Parrot
  • What is the DA Method & how does it work?
  • The difference between Present & Future tense with this method
  • Building a Map to Success with this Method
  • Why it is 'Like Me' to trade successfully or not
  • How to correct trading errors with the DA method
  • How to optimize the DA method

Lesson 9: Isolating & Building Specific Trading Skills

How to Build the Trader You Want to Be

Elite Performers

  • How they train to become elite
  • What differentiates elite training from yours
  • How their learning process is different
  • How you can become an elite performer
  • What most new traders fail to realize & do

Breaking A Strategy or Trading Skill Down

  • What you need to think, train & learn to break a skill down
  • How to break a strategy down
  • The 5 Components of Each Strategy
  • Using this as a model for your training process
  • How training like this will change your mind for success
  • From a +250% return to a +540% return
  • Taking the Deep Dive in Strategies & Trading Skills

Lesson 10: Avoiding Problem Focus & Solving Your Biggest Challenges

Wiring Neurological Success Into Your Brain

Changing Your Focus From What You've Been Doing

  • Why changing your focus this way can improve neurological performance
  • What you have to avoid with your focus
  • Why you should give up 90% of these things you are focusing on
  • What successful people focus on daily
  • Focus & the 3 Parts of Your Mind
  • One of the most valuable practices for your trading performance

  The ATM course is phenomenal! Taking part in this course is the most important thing I've ever done in trading. By far the best investment I've ever made.  

James, UK

Lesson 11: Force Multipliers for Trading

Using Physics & These Methods to Increase Your Training Results

Physics & an Old Institution Use This

  • What are the 5 Force Multipliers for Trading
  • What is the ultimate force multiplier?
  • How Elon Musk Uses Force Multipliers to Become A Billionaire
  • What you can learn from Jelly Beans About Force Multipliers
  • Why you need to Ban this to become successful in trading
  • What is the 4/6/10 rule for force multipliers?
  • How I got from A-Z faster than most
  • Where does Intelligence fit into my training process
  • Different Ways to Have More Money
  • Two Laws Affecting Your Trading Performance

Lesson 12: Building Your Own Mindset Program

Putting it All Together To Create Your Own Mindset Program

Building Your Own Mindset Program

  • Why all the training I've done before got me to where I am now
  • Identifying what you need to strengthen & build the most
  • What should you work on first to turn my trading performance around
  • How to use all these methods to overcome your biggest challenges

Accelerating Your Training Process

  • How long should you train to optimize my learning process
  • How to avoid over-training
  • Creating the shortest learning curve for successful trading
  • How much trading and training should you do in a year
  • How to measure my trading progress
  • The proper way to create goals for trading success

Lesson 13: Rewiring The Negativity Bias

Removing the biggest obstacle to your success in trading & life
  • What is the RAD practice?
  • How can you eliminate negative precursors?
  • How to build a positive mindset for success?
  • What is the sandwich practice and why you need it?

Lesson 14: Building Emotional IQ for Success in Trading

How to build up emotional resilience & IQ for trading
  • Neurological effects/basis behind emotions
  • Changing your relationship to emotions
  • Why & how you need to build up your Emotional IQ for success in trading

Lesson 15: Forging Mental Toughness

Building an unstoppable mindset
  • How to face challenges from trading and life
  • The frequency of challenges and why this matters
  • How to re-wire your brain for overcoming obstacles in trading
  • Getting rid of excuses and performing at your best

Lesson 16: Building A No-Limit Mindset

How to break through obstacles and take things to the next level
  • A Seal story about swimming
  • Why you have a limited mindset right now & how that kills your success
  • How to expand beyond any problem in trading or life

Lesson 17: Building A Mindset of Abundance

How to build abundance for yourself and others
  • What an 'abundant' mindset really is
  • Why you need an abundant mindset for trading & financial success
  • Visualization techniques to build a mindset of abundance
  • Key techniques for building financial abundance in your life

Lesson 18: Goal Setting for Success & Attainment

Why you are not reaching your goals & what you should be targeting for
  • What is CL & why this affects your training
  • Why your current trading goals need to be thrown in the trash
  • How to build a winning mindset
  • How to attain your goals (it's not what you think)

Lesson 19: Cultivating Success, Winning In Your Mind

Training to be an elite performer and why you aren't training like this now
  • Training to be an elite performer and why you aren't training like this now
  • How to train properly
  • How to win from the beginning
  • Why your current vision of success won't manifest
  • Being successful starting today

Lesson 20: Bonus Lesson

  It is now clear to me why I've had inconsistent performance in my trading. I've learned more about myself in a few lessons than I have in all the years and books combined.  

Ivan, Bulgaria

Meditation Lesson Series

Tailored for trading, this 10 lesson series (audio based) begins with the foundational practice and works your way up through a progression.

Each lesson gives you a base, technique and experience which builds upon the prior lesson.

Carefully created for trading, this series is built from my 6500+ hours of meditation practice, combined with my 15+ years of trading live money.

In literally a few weeks, you could physically have a new trading brain — one that is more focused, aware, mindful, clear, with greater pattern recognition and increased emotional IQ.

Meditation Series

What You'll Get in the ATM Course

  • 20 Video Lessons
  • 10 Lesson Meditation Series
  • Ongoing Member Webinars

Get Lifetime-Access to the 20 Video Training Lessons, the private members area, the Brain Vault, and all bonus video lessons.

Get Lifetime-Access to the 10 Lesson Meditation Series, and all future bonus meditation lessons, along with Q&A access to Chris Capre about the specific meditation practices.

Get Lifetime Access to our ongoing member webinars, going over key topics, new lessons, tackling your biggest challenges and providing ongoing lessons so the training never stops.

* All webinars are recorded and made available for members

  The ATM course is unbelievable. I don't think I've ever been exposed to so much new and valuable information about trading psychology and how my mind works in such a short space of time.  

Paul, UK
Chris Capre

The Passion Behind This Course

Hi, I'm Chris Capre. I've been trading professionally since 2001. I've practiced yoga and meditation every day for the last 15 years, completed a 1 year meditation retreat and done almost 7000 hours of meditation practice.

I've been studying Neuroscience and Peak Performance for the last 20 years with one focus — to improve ones' brain, mindset and life.

My goal with this course is simple — to change the way you think, trade and perform.

Without a doubt, the mind you come into this course with will not be the mind you leave with.

If you want to re-wire your brain for success in trading, join this course and change your life.

Preview three sample lessons from the course.

  I just got funded $100,000 from an investor. The ATM & Price Action course were so helpful during this process. You are a great inspiration to me and this is the first step on my road to success. 

Harkanwalpreet, India

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