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Welcome to the Option Flow Report

Every week we cover how the option flows and dealer hedges move the market.

We cover the following in each option flow report:

  1. How option order flows and dealer hedges moved the market last week
  2. How market gamma will affect the price action for the week
  3. Where the key institutional players are positioned and at what prices
  4. Whether the calls or puts are in control, and at what levels
  5. How do positional flows affect the trend and key support/resistance levels for the week
  6. How we’re looking to trade $SPY for the week

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Why do we cover option order flows?

Because with options, we can see where the largest players are lined up, how their flows are changing over time, and how the option dealers have to hedge based upon the positional flows.

For us, its all about the flows.

It doesn’t matter if sentiment is bearish.

If the order flows are bullish, the stock will go up. 👆

It doesn’t matter if earnings came out great.

If the order flows are bearish, the stock will go down. 👇

We use option flows to get a high resolution image of how the markets are positioned and are likely to move for the days ahead.🔎

If you want to get an idea of how the markets will move before they do, then check out our options flow report. ✅

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